1. What are the differences between Wi-Fi connection and Cellular connection

CIK home security provides two different control panels:

1) Wi-Fi connection, which is connected to customer's CIK home internet

2) Cellular connection, which is using a SIM card to connect to a wireless network.

· Cellular connection is with high reliability but comes with higher costs, control panel needs to be upgraded and the monthly fee is higher. We always recommend that our customers choose the cellular connection first.

· Wi-Fi connection depends on the home internet connection, if the home internet is down or Wi-Fi router cannot be connected, the control panel will not be able to send notices/messages to the security monitoring centre.

If the control panel loses connection to the security monitoring centre, CIK's system will detect that the connection to the control panel is lost right away. A notice email/SMS will be sent to the customer to check the connection in 5-10 minutes. Currently, we are still working on this to reduce the false alarms.

2. If my alarm system detects that there is a break-in, how will I be notified?

Our monitoring centre is monitoring your home safety 24/7 as long as home alarm is enabled.

If an alarm is triggered, you will receive notice through email and SMS (if you have opted for it) and at the same time, The Monitoring Centre will contact you by the phone numbers you have provided and you must answer with your registered name and password. You may ask the monitoring centre to send a guard to your premises at $100 each time, or free of charge up to 4 times a year, if you are subscribed to the yearly guard services.

3. If the battery in one of the sensors is low or needs to be replaced, what should I do?

If any battery in one of your sensors low, we will send you a notice by email/SMS to replace the battery.

Customers can replace the battery by themselves without extra charges. For instructions on how to replace the battery check the user guide or video guide on our webpage: https://www.ciktel.com/HomeSecurity/Plan

Or you can call CIK to schedule a visit to replace the batteries for a service fee of $75.

4. Is there an App for the CIK home security monitoring, and does CIK provide home security video monitoring?

Coming soon

5. How does the home security alarm system work?

Check the user guide for full answers on our website: https://www.ciktel.com/HomeSecurity/Plan

6. What is the maximum distance/range for the remote control to work?

The remote control will work in a range from 10 to 20 meters

7. If pets are moving in the house and the alarm system is on, will my pet activate the sensor?

The basic PIR motion sensor will be activated when it detects movement from pets, if needed, customers can order the pet- friendly PIR motion sensor with extra cost (The pet friendly PIR motion sensor will not activate if your pet weighs less than 15KG or 25KG option)