1. Why I have called tech support to report issue, but no one contacted me yet?

If your issue is not fixed by the agent who picked up your phone, a trouble ticket will be generated and you should get call normally within 24 hours (please make sure you provide your cell phone and pick up the phone to avoid delay in solving the issue.), if the 2nd tech contacted you and could not solve the issue, it will be escalated to level 3. Most of the issues are solved or provided a solution within 48 hours from the trouble ticket generated.
If today is your activation day, because of provisioning might be finished before the end of the day, so you might not get called back on the same day and the troubleshooting will start from the second day after midnight.

2. Today is my activation day, why no tech visits my home to install for me?

Not all installation requires tech access, if you do not receive notice by phone and/or by email in advance, there would be no tech visit your home.

3. Today is my activation day, why my internet is still not working?

For new activation, because the activation might include on-site installation and backend provisioning, so the internet might not work till end of the day 23:59. However if your internet still not working after 23:59, please contact our 7x24 hours support.

4. How long would take to get my issue fixed?

Due to the complexity of different technical issues, we are trying to fix 90% issues within 48 to 72 hours.
Our standard support processes are divided into three levels:
Level 1 tech will try to help you to get an issue fixed over the phone, if the issue can not be fixed over the phone, a trouble ticket will be generated.
Level 2 tech will contact you within 24 hours. If the issue can not be fixed by level 2 tech, it will be escalated to level 3 techs to either solved or get a solution within 48 hours.
Please always keep the trouble ticket for inquiry and you can also check the ticket status online from here

5. What is tech support working hour?

We provide tech support 7x 24 hours by English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu right now.

6. Can I ask CIK to send a tech to fix my internet issue quickly?

Since there are many different scenarios for technical issues, many of them can not be fixed by on-site field technicians, so we would need to conduct troubleshooting first to collect information for senior tech support to analyze and decide what to do to fix the issue. We can not send a technician to fix internet without any troubleshooting, Any equipment replacement will be sent from our shipping center directly.

7. Do I need to pay for CIK tech to visit?

If CIK tech support decides a CIK field support technician must be sent to have the issue fixed, it will be free of charge. However, if CIK tech identifies the issue to be related to customer router, computer, or cable not connected properly to the equipment or other issues not related to CIK, a service charge 90$ will be applied to cover the dispatch cost.
Does my hardware from CIK have any warranty?
  • Hardware has life time warranty-All of the hardware CIK sales has life time warranty, i.e as long as you are a CIK customer, if your hardware is broken in normal usage, we will help you to replaced the hardware for free of charge.
  • This doesn’t apply to the following:
  • Physical damage such due to water, fire, force etc.
  • Improper usage such as using 220V voltage or wrong power adaptor;
Accessories lost or broken such as remote controller, USB dongle, cable etc

8. Hardware not related to using CIK service such as promotion gifts

This applies to all active customers purchase equipment from CIK directly or accounts transferred from another customer or suspended accounts reactivated. For returning customer, if previous account was closed and wish to use previous equipment to reactivate service, it will be treated as own modem and therefore is not covered by the warranty.