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Is Your Child an Internet 'Addict'?? Limit Access with CIK Parental Control Free Trial !

From the internet and social media, to phones, apps, games. it seems like more and more children are using the internet for a large part of the day,and it's is hard for parents to define the lines of spending a healthy amount of time on the internet and being too much on the internet. Being online too much exposes you or your child more to risks such as cyber bullying, social isolation, health issues and addiction etc.

As one of the biggest telecommunications service company, we proud to announce the solution for today's busy parents: CIK is the first ISP to offer NETWORK Parental Control Service in Canada.

What can you do with CIK Network Parental Control service ?

· You can manually turn on/off your home internet completely, from anywhere remotely, at anytime.

· You can set your own schedule to turn the internet on/off.

· Allows you to slow down internet* to be used only for devices such as IP home phone, smart home applications.

· Allows your internet to be restricted to websites only, which will not affect your internet experience.

· Allow your internet to be restricted for video streaming and IP TV only, which will not affect your internet experience.

With our Network Parental control feature, you do not have to worry about kids bypassing the router. Order our service TODAY and prevent your child becoming an internet 'Addict'. We are offering a 1-month free trial for Parental Control Service, afterwards the price will be $5/month. Refer your friends/family to use our Parental Control Service, and get 1-year free service to use this feature. Currently, CIK's Network Parental Control Service is only available for CIK's cable network. We will develop this service for our FTTB Fiber and FTTN network in the near future.

Furthermore, if you would like to add additional parental control features to restrict kids’ devices only, you can rent an AC Wireless Mesh Router at an additional $5/month with the following features:

  • Restrict specific device MAC IDs to access the internet.
  • Schedule specific device MAC IDs to access the internet.
  • Block access to some specific websites.

For information how to use CIK's Network Parental Control service, please click HERE.

* internet will slow down to the minimum speed of 512Kbps, which allows basic internet service to work for home phones, smart home applications etc.

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