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    According to CRTC rules, all Canadian landline phone numbers can be transferred between local companies...

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Keep Phone Number To keep your existing phone number please download the LOA form: "Letter of Authorization"
According to CRTC rules, all Canadian landline phone numbers can be transferred between local companies. This is called local number portability. Therefore customers have the right to transfer their phone numbers to other local phone companies. CIK is a CRTC registered local and long distance company, and has a license to provide local and long distance phone service. CIK can transfer any customer number within its network, so transfer your phone number to CIK now!
What do I need to provide to CIK to transfer my number?
1) A Letter of Authorization(LOA) signed by customer himself/herself
2) A current local phone company bill which includes the name, address and phone number which must match the LOA; you can fax the forms to one of the following CIK fax numbers:
1 (416) 848-1521
Porting Email:
CIK strongly recommended customer SHOULD NOT call their current phone company to cancel their phone service during the porting process as this will result in the failure of porting the number. Per CRTC rule, CIK cannot port any number which has been cancelled or is in canceling status.
If you are using Bell DSL internet, before the porting process is finished, you need to call Bell to order Dry Loop to make sure your internet does not get disconnected, If your internet gets disconnected after the porting process, contact CIK to set up a temporary call forwarding feature to your cell phone until your internet is activated.
After the number has been transferred, the previous local phone company should automatically stop billing the customer. However, customers should review the terms and conditions they have with their previous local phone company. CIK can provide to the customer, a confirmation of the date of transfer.
How long will it take to transfer my number to CIK?
Usually the porting process takes about 2-4 weeks from the date the customer submitted the forms. The porting process can also be delayed or rejected if the information provided is incorrect.
Before porting, the CIK IP box can only dial out and display porting number; the service will still work with your previous phone company, till ported over to CIK.
After the porting has been completed, inbound and outbound service is available on the CIK phone service.
During the porting process, can I request the transfer to be stopped?
Yes. But due to the complexity of the porting process, at least 3 companies or more involved, so once the porting process started, it is not easy to stop. Customers have to call their current company to reject the porting, otherwise, we have no guarantee we can stop the porting.
Is there any charge to transfer my number to CIK?
Currently, CIK is paying the charge for porting the numbers, so customers do not need to pay. However, effective from 1/1/2008 if customers decide to transfer any CIK number to another company, a $25 charge will be applied to cover the cost of porting number in and out.