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    CIK Accessibility

    As part of our commitment to offering diverse communication solutions, we aim to address the needs and preferences of all our customers, including those with disabilities, by ensuring accessibility in our products and services.

    Accessibility Policy

    CIK Accessibility

Feedback on Accessibility

We are committed to continually improving the accessibility of our products and services. We highly value feedback from our customers, including those with disabilities, as all feedbacks and suggestions will help us develop and refine our accessibility plans, and assess our progress towards our goals.

Feedback Process

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Your thoughts are important to us! If you encounter any accessibility issues while using our website, products, or physical locations, please let us know. You can provide feedback or suggestions by calling the number below or by sending an email.

Accessibility Champion

Phone: 1-647-918-9757

Email: accessible@ciktel.com

If you require an alternative format of the feedback process description in print, large print, Braille, audio format or an electronic format compatible with adaptive technology, you can send an email to accessible@ciktel.com to request it.