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1. Why is my first bill higher than my monthly fee?

Your first bill is higher because it includes charges from parts of two months. The invoice includes the charge from the day your service is activated (previous month) till the last day of the current month

2. Does CIK charge taxes in addition to my monthly fee?

All invoices are charged with Provincial and Federal tax

3. What is my billing cycle?

Your billing cycle is from the first day of the current month to the last day of the current month

4. What is my monthly invoice due date?

The invoice due date is on the 2nd of the month. We will charge the monthly fee from your authorized bank account/credit card on the 2nd of each month. For the Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) payment, if the 2nd falls on a weekend or public holiday, the withdrawal will occur on the next business day.

5. Can I change my billing date?

No, you not change your billing date as the billing date is fixed

6. How much will I be charged on my first invoice?

CIK invoices are generated on the first day of each month. Every invoice will include the previous month’s partial monthly fee (only the first invoice) and any variable charges such as long distance calls from the previous month and the current month’s fixed monthly fee

7. How do I receive my monthly invoice?

At the beginning of every month, a notice of the invoice amount will be emailed to you. Log in into My CIK account to check invoice details

8. Can you mail me a paper bill?

- We will not send the paper invoice. However, you can login at My CIK Telecom account to view your invoice online for the past 18 months.

9. How do I check my monthly invoice online?

You can login at My CIK account to view all your invoices for the past 18 months