1. What is CIK Local TV?

CIK local TV refers to broadcast those channels licensed under CRTC which required BDU license.

2. Which area can we provide local TV now?

As long as customer has CIK internet, we can provide local TV in Ontario, Quebec, British Colombia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

3. Can local TV STB watch oversea Channels?

Yes. The local TV STB can be used to watch both local and Oversea TV.

4. What channels does my local TV have?

5. How many TVs can one STB support?

One STB can only support 1 TV using HDMI connection.

6. Can I buy more than 1 STB?

Yes. You can buy up to two local TV STB without extra monthly charge, but both STB has to be used under the same home address, otherwise one of them will not work.

7. Can I use my STB outside CIK network?

No. Due to CRTC license requirement, we are not allowed it to be used outside CIK network. It will stop working if your address is not using CIK network.

8. Can my STB support wireless connection?

Our STB supports wired and wireless connection to the internet, however, we already recommend using a wired connection as first consideration to obtain the highest quality.

9. Can I use my CIK STB in a different address?

If you have only one CIK STB, you can use it as long as it is within CIK network to another address. But if you take it out of CIK network, it will stop working.

10. Can I record the program and see it later?

Currently, we are developing PVR function which is coming soon.

11. Can my local TV provide closed caption?

Currently it is under development and will be coming soon.