1. What are the costs for receiving email notices and SMS notices?

$2.99/month per contact number for SMS notifications on your cell phone. Receiving a phone call or an email notification is free of charge.

2. If I want or need to add more devices, what will be the charges?

$99 installation charge, which will include the basic package devices fee.

If there is a need to add extra devices, customer can add it during the initial installation visit.

No additional installation fees will be charged; customer just needs to pay the additional devices fees on the first invoice.

If customer wants to add or change devices after the initial installation, then $75 on-site service fees plus extra device fees will be charged.

3. Any warranty for the home monitor devices?

For active customers, all hardware devices fall under CIK's lifetime warranty policy. Replacement of batteries is not included in this warranty.

There is 1 year warranty on the labour which will start from the installation date after the devices have been installed, after 1 year, technician visits will be billed with $75+tax

Device warranty covers the parts/devices that are defective under normal usage/wear and tear. If CIK finds that the equipment is repeatedly broken due to physical damage, replacement parts and fees may be charged.

4. Does CIK charge a fee for when I am moving for home security services?

When a customer is moving, we will charge $99 for installation of new equipment at the new location. Old equipment will stay at the old address. There is no need to return the old equipment.

5. I have other home security devices from another company, can I use it with CIK home monitoring?

No, CIK home monitoring services can only be used with CIK devices.

6. What kind of service does the CIK home alarm system provide?

Check the user guide for full answers on our website: https://www.ciktel.com/HomeSecurity/Plan

7. Any hidden or extra costs?

No hidden costs. Extra charges will only be applied if customer requests to use additional services such as guard, police, firefighter services or if a customer requests a CIK technician to visit the premise again.

8. What are the costs for cancellation?

No costs, if there is no contract involved. Once installed, the installation fees are not refundable. If customer cancels the service after installation, customer doesn’t need to return the equipment and no extra charges. If customer is subscribed to a yearly subscription for Guard Services, then the customer needs to pay the remaining monthly fees in case of early cancellation.

9. How will CIK be billed for guard services?

For customers who are subscribed to yearly guard services, additional service fee of $19.99/m will be added on each invoice for 1 year. Customers can get up to 4 times guard visits within this package, if more guard visits are needed, additional visits will be billed at $100+tax.

For customers who did not subscribe for the yearly guard services, you can ask the monitoring centre to send a guard to your home to check the situation, at $100/visit. The charges will be added to the account on top of the regular service fees.

10. Can customer order and use the CIK monitor service alone?

Currently, CIK is offering the Home monitoring service to CIK internet users only

Home monitoring service is offered at the discount rate for CIK internet users. If a customer cancels CIK internet services, the $20+tax/monthly fees will be added on top of the discount rate for home monitoring service.