1. How to check ANI access number and charge schedule?

2. Can I call International destinations from My CIK Home Phone?

By default your long distance function is enabled. You can dial 011 + country code for overseas calls and 1+ phone number for domestic calls

3. Do I have to return my hardware upon cancellation?

CIK provides two hardware options for customer to get CIK CPE: 1) Purchase or 2) Rental/Free Rental.

If customer Internet/TV/Home phone service cancellation request is made within 30 days from activation, you MUST return the hardware with original package within 7 days of the cancellation is requested for a refund. Restocking fees will be applied if the return is without the original package or missing parts. For rental/free rental option, hardware purchase fees will be applied if the hardware is not returned as requested.

If the Internet/TV/Home phone service cancellation is made after the period of CIK 30 days standard service warranty:

  • For the purchased hardware, hardware return is not required and no refund will be made;
  • For rental/free rental option, you must return hardware with all accessories within 7 days of the cancellation to avoid additional charge; or hardware purchase fee will be applied if hardware is not returned as requested. If you wish to keep the hardware, you can notify us and an original or discount price maybe might be available. To get to know whether your hardware is purchased or rental/free rental, you can look at the plan details we shipped with the package prior to activation, or contact our customer service.

4. Where to return my equipment?

For residents of Ontario and Quebec, please return equipment to the Toronto shipping centre. For residents living in the rest of Canada, please return to Vancouver shipping centre. If you are not sure where to return, please contact our Customer Service Department. Please always attach the reference number if you need to return the equipment.

5. how do I make a complain if I’m not happy with my service?

All of our policies are based on fair and reasonable basis and our customer support team are trained to help our customers as much as possible.
If you have any non-technical issue which is not solved by our customer service manager, you might contact our customer relation department senior manager Jack.don@ciktel.com.
If you have any technical issue not solved or no solution over 48 hours, you might also contact our customer relation department to escalate for you.
Before contact our customer relation department, please provide your name, order or account number, contact phone and trouble ticket number so that we can help you quickly.