Our Customer-Premises Equipment (CPE) are specifically designed and developed for CIK’s service to reach optimal performance, therefore CIK CPE might not be compatible with other service providers.
CIK will provide two options for customers who receive CIK CPE.
1) Purchase Option - Customers can purchase one or more CPE required at one time payment and no need to pay any rental fee.
2) Rental option - Customers can select to rent one or more CPE at a monthly rental fee. Customers can also select to prepay 12 months of service fees and obtain 12 month free rental for all CPEs.
All CIK CPE comes with lifetime warranty and any defective hardware will be replaced free of charge. Please note: broken hardware due to physical damage is not covered in the warranty.
As technology progresses, high quality hardware is required to take advantage of the enhanced internet technology. All CIK loyal customers who have been using our service for more than 2 years will be eligible for an exciting offer which they can either prepay one year of their services and enjoy free hardware rental for 1 year, or they can purchase a new CPE at only 50% of the list price. Shipping and handling fees may apply.