1. What technology is CIK home phone using?

CIK home phone is using (VoIP) Voice Over IP technology, i.e, voices are transmitted over the Internet.

2. What requirement do I need to use CIK home Phone?

CIK home phone service uses the internet to transmit the telephone signal to your home. To use our service, you need to have either high speed internet or any kind of DSL or Cable modem. As we are using the internet to transmit signal, a higher bandwidth would be preferable, but if you are using slower speed you have to put a CIK Phone box after the modem to get a better voice quality as our box have a special design to make voice quality higher priority. So you must have high speed internet before using our service.

3. What should I do if called people can not hear me?

Usually this is caused by your upload bandwidth is used up, to solve this issue, you might reconnect your network as Modem – Phone box Internet or WAN port, Phone box LAN port to your router internet port or computer. If this still could not solve your issue, please contact our tech support.

4. What should I do if I can not hear the called?

Usually this is caused by your router in front of phone box, to solve this issue, you might reconnect your network as Modem – Phone box Internet or WAN port, Phone box LAN port to your router internet port or computer. If this still could not solve your issue, please contact our tech support.

5. What should I do if I can not make long distance call?

To make a long distance call, you need to dial 011 for international or 1 for North America.
If you dialed the right number properly and hear “the number you dialed is not invalid”, it means your long distance is locked or it is over limited, if you haven’t paid your invoice, you can make payment online using credit card from my CIK account and it will automatic unlock your long distance. Or you might contact our customer service to enable long distance or increase limit.
If you dialed the right number and hear fast busy or dead air, you might try different way such as using third party long distance company to test the number if correct or not. If the number has been verified to be correct number, you can report to our customer service to investigate for you.

6. What should I do if my CIK Home phone is not working?

If your CIK home phone is not working, please check if your internet working or not.
If your internet is working and CIK home hone not working, please check your cable connection, to make sure CIK home phone box internet or WAN port is connected to the router WAN or modem. And also check to make sure your phone set is connected to the Phone box port 1 only. If you are using wireless telephone, please try a wired phone set.
If you are using CIK 3IN1 wireless FTTN modem/phone box, please make sure the phone set is plugged into phone port (NOT DSL port).
If you have tried above and still not working, please contact our tech support.

7. Why I can not call outside but I can receive call?

First, please check if your telephone set is set as Pulse mode instead of Tone mode. Pulse mode it will not work.
Second, if you have a router, please connect your phone box internet or WAN to the modem directly without Router to see if working or not. (you might need to reboot the modem after your connect the phone box to modem directly).
If you have tried above and still not working, please contact our tech support.

8. Why I can call out but can not receive call?

If your new phone number is using first time, please use it to call your cell phone to see what number it displays. If you can not call back that number, please report to our customer service to verify the number.
If you have requested to transfer your number in from another company and today is the porting in date, please wait till tomorrow so that we can finish provisioning.
If you have authorized third party to transfer your CIK number out, please contact that company.

9. Why after I transferred my number from another company to CIK, all my friends in that company can not call me?

This is because after your phone number has been transferred from your old company to CIK, your old company needs to remove it from their switch, otherwise all your friends using that company service would not be able to call us. You can ask one of your friends to contact that company to report the issue and remove your number from their system.

10. Why my CIK home phone has static noise?

  • please check if your phone box has been connected to wall jack using a telephone cable;
  • If you are using cordless phone, please check if it is running out of battery and you might try a wired phone set;
  • Please check if your phone box power adaptor is the right one we provided to you.

11. Can I use CIK home phone outside CIK network?

Generally CIK home phone can be used anywhere in the world as long as it is connected to internet. However you might need to configure the interface to make sure it can be connected to internet. Also if your local ISP blocked SIP ports, it might not work.

12. How do I know my home phone number?

You can use your CIK home phone to call your cell phone and see what number is displayed, or you can login my CIK account to check the phone number.

13. Can I add 2nd phone number?

Yes. You can add 2nd phone number to your phone line at 5$ per month.

14. Can I get an oversea phone number?

Right now we can only provide local Canada phone number.

15. Which cities in Canada are free?

Almost every city in Canada are free of charge except Northern Territory (1-867).

16. How do I keep my existing phone number?

Your current phone number must be active with your existing phone company, then you can provide us with Authorization and phone bill to transfer it to us. Usually it is taking about 7 -10 business days. You can contact our customer service for any questions about porting.

17. How do I make international call?

You need to dial 011 + country code + city code for international calls and 1+ area code +city code for US, Canada and Caribbean countries.

18. How do I make domestic calls in Canada?

You can dial 10 digits (area code + city code or 7 digits without area code for phone numbers with the same area code as your number.

19. Can I use third party long distance from my CIK home phone?

You can use CIK home phone to use third party calling cards to call long distance, however all of your 011 or 1+ long distance calls are going via CIK network. For 10-10-xxx causal calling, we do not support.

20. When I’m moving, do I need to notice CIK?

If you are moving your home address if you are only using CIK home phone, you would not need to notice us. However you must login from my CIK account to change 911 address to keep it up to date to avoid wrong address during emergency situation.

21. Does CIK home phone support Fax?

We do support Fax but with the following limitation:
  • Sending fax is supported within CIK network for major cities in Canada but generally Fax over IP is not reliable as traditional PSTN line and CIK has no liability to guarantee fax is always working via CIK residential VoIP phone.
  • Sending fax to oversea might work or might not and it is not guaranteed;
  • HT-502, RTP300, SPA2102 and BX212 are better supporting fax;
  • Receiving fax should be always working but if not working it is due to the originating phone company issue.

22. Does CIK home phone support alarm system?

Yes. CIK phone system supports Alarm system, however there might be some wiring needs to be changed by either the alarm company or third party termor. Once the wiring is changed, you can contact our tech support to make change on the phone box configuration.

23. Does CIK home phone support ATM machine?

Yes. CIK home phone does work with ATM machine, however our phone service is for residential customers, therefore we do not recommend you to connect to an ATM machine for business purpose and we will not provide tech support for connecting ATM machine.

24. Does CIK home phone support Buzz Code?

Yes. There are two types of Buzz code systems in Canada. If your Apartment supports opening door using a cell phone, then you can provide your CIK phone number to your apartment supervisor to link it with Buzz code. If your apartment does not require you to provide a phone number for the buzz code, then the buzz code system is nothing to do with CIK home phone.

25. How do I use 911?

CIK supports E911 and if you have emergency, you can dial 911 to get connected to the E911 centre. However you must make sure your home address registered with us is correct and you should not block your caller ID.
If your internet is not working, your CIK home phone would not work. So please make sure you always have a backup cell phone for 911 calls. Please read CIK terms about the limitation of E911.

26. Can I use a non-CIK phone box?

Currently we do not support customers to use own phone box to use CIK home phone service.

27. How do I install my CIK Home phone?

It is very simple to install CIK home phone. On each CIK home phone box, it has either Internet, WAN or DSL port, LAN port and phone ports. What you need to do is to connect either Internet, WAN or DSL port to your modem or Router, and connect telephone set to the phone port, reboot the router or modem first, then wait 10 minutes, then you can pick up phone and try your CIK home phone. Please be aware for the first time, it might take up to 10 minutes for the phone box to load configuration file from our provisioning servers.

28. Can I use CIK home phone for all the wall jacks in my house?

To connect CIK home phone box to the wall jack so that whole house can have the signal, you might hire a third party termor to do in-side wiring. You might contact our tech support any time to consult how to get this connected.

29. How many phone sets I can use?

You might connect 3-5 phones to the phone box no problem, but most of phone boxes might have just one port, you might buy a splitter to split it to more than one port so that you can connect to more phone sets.

30. How to use call forward?

Call Forwarding is a feature to redirect your incoming call to a preset phone number, currently you can only forward calls to 1+ number and several international countries such as China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Vietnam and India. The call forwarding is also controlled by your account long distance setup and being billed at the long distance rate if you set up call forwarding to a long distance number.
To set up call forwarding manually from your CIK telephone :
  • Press 72*+1+phone number+#, you can forward all incoming calls to one number. (Press 73* to cancel).
  • Press 74*+1+phone number+#, you can forward the calls to one number if the line is busy. (Press 75* to cancel).
  • Press 76*+1+phone number+#, you can forward the calls to one number if the call is not picked up. (Press 77* to cancel).
If you wish to set up call forwarding remotely, you can request to obtain a portal login username &password from my CIK account by using online request, then you can manage call forward feature from my CIK account.

31. How do I use call waiting?

Call Waiting allows you to accept an incoming call while you're already on a phone call. It will place the first call on hold while you answer the second call. While on the phone, a beep tone alerts you of an incoming call. If available, the new number also displays on your Caller ID device. If you want to take the call, press the flash button or switch hook button to answer the second incoming call.

32. How do I set up do not disturb feature?

When this feature is enabled, all incoming calls will be rejected.
  • to activate: *84#
  • to Deactivate: *85#
Warning: Using this feature you will not be able to receive any calls.

33. How do I block Anonymous?

This feature allows you to block those incoming calls without showing caller number to prevent some malicious calls.
Activation required! To request activating this feature, please make a online request from my CIK account.
Using this feature you would not be able to receive any calls that has no caller ID displayed.

34. How do I block one specific number?

Our box can block up to 10 numbers, to request blocking one specific number, please login my CIK account to make online request.

35. How to use voice mail?

To enable your voice mail, you can either make request online from my CIK account and you will receive an notice email once it is set up with the instruction how to check voice mail from home and outside.

36. Can I block caller ID?

Caller ID Blocking allows you to block your own number for any outbound calls.
You can activate Caller ID Blocking any time you make an outgoing call. Just press 67*+1+the number you want to call.

37. Can I see incoming caller Name?

This feature enables the person receiving the call to see incoming call numbers before picking up the telephone.
To use this feature, customer's telephone must have the caller ID display feature.
Incoming caller Name display might not work as it depends on incoming phone company and also your telephone set.

38. How do I block my long distance?

You can contact us by online request to block or enable your long distance.

39. Why I can not call one toll free number?

Toll Free numbers might have restriction on calling area, So if you can not call one specific toll free number, please first check if you can call it from your cell phone before reporting the problem.

40. How to check CDRs online?

You can login my CIK account to check your invoice, incoming and outgoing call detailed records.