1. What technology is CIK home phone using?

The CIK home phone uses the technology of Voice Over IP. That Means: the Voice is transmitted through the Internet signal.

2. What requirement do I need to use CIK home Phone?

CIK home phone Service use the Internet to transmit Phone signals, so when you apply for our home phone service, you also need to have a CIK network service and use your own phone set.

3. What should I do if called people cannot hear me?

This reason due to upload bandwidth is occupied , do not use P2P software during the phone call, watching videos online or play online games, and also need to confirm the device connection. the correct connection is: Modem needs to connect the Internet or Wan port of the phone box, then connect your own PC/LAN port or own router/Internet port to LAN port on CIK Phone Box. If the phone set is connected to Phone1 port on the Phone Box, if you still can't solve your problem, please contact our technical department.

4. What should I do if I cannot hear the caller?

Usually, the issue caused by a wrong connection. the correct connection is: Modem needs to connect the Internet or Wan port of the phone box, then connect your own PC/LAN port or own router/Internet port to LAN port on CIK Phone Box. If the phone set is connected to Phone1 port on the Phone Box, if you still can't solve your problem, please contact our technical department.

5. What should I do if I cannot make long distance call?

First, please confirm the dialing method is correct: North American long distance: 1 + phone / mobile number; other international long distance: 011 + country code + city area code + phone number or: 011 + country code + mobile phone number

If your dialing method is correct, but you hear the voice prompt "The number you dialed is not valid", it means that your long distance function is locked or the number of minutes has reached the credit limit. At this time, you need to check whether the account has due payment. After you use a credit card and paid the fee online, the long distance function will be automatically unlocked. In addition, you can also contact our customer service to unlock the long distance function or adjust the maximum duration of the call.

If your dialing method is correct, but you only hear busy tone or hear no sound, you can try to test this number using another phone or mobile phone. If the number is correct and you cannot get through, you can contact our technical support team, available 24/7 hours.

6. What should I do if my CIK Home phone is not working?

If your home phone is not working, please check if your Internet is working or not.

If your Internet is working properly but the CIK home phone does not work, please check the device connection mode. The modem needs to connect to the Internet /Wan port of the phone box first, then the LAN port of the phone box need connect to the LAN Port/ computer or Internet port/your router. The phone set need connect to Phone1 port on phone box. If you are using a wireless phone, try testing with a wired phone first.

If you are using a three-in-one combines network device, with phone and wireless Internet access. Please make sure the phone is directly connected to the phone 1 port of the phone box (not the DSL interface).

If you have tried all of the above, but the phone still does not work, please contact our technical support.

7. Why I cannot call outside but I can receive call?

First, please check if your phone has been set to pulse mode or Tone mode. The VOIP Phone Box is not working under pulse mode.

In addition, if you using your own wireless router, please remove the router and connect the WAN port of the phone box directly to the modem. The phone set is connected to the Phone1 of phone box. Then restart all devices and check if the phone is working properly.

If you have tried all of the above, but the phone still does not work, please contact our technical support.

8. Why I can call out but cannot receive call?

If this is your first time use the CIK Home Phone Service, you can test it by your cell phone. If the number cannot be dialed, please contact customer service to verify the number.

If you porting a phone number ( from another company) to CIK and the day is Porting Target day, please wait until the next day, because the system needs to complete the background configuration on the same day.

If you tried to contact a third party company to transfer the number from CIK, please contact the company.

If you have tried all of the above, but the phone still does not work, please contact our technical support.

9. Why after I transferred my number from another company to CIK, all my friends in that company cannot call me?

This is because of after you ported the number from the original company to CIK, they must remove this number from their system, otherwise all your friends will not be able to contact you. Therefore, you only need to let your friends contact the original company to reflect this problem, and then your original company will be able to work properly after removing the number from the system.

10. Why my CIK home phone has static noise?

Please check if your phone box is connected by a phone wire to the wall jack?

If you are using a cordless phone, please check if the battery is low or you can try a wired phone.

Check to see if the power adapter for your phone box matches the model we have provided you.

If you have tried all of the above, but the phone still has current noise, please contact our technical support.

11. Can I use CIK home phone outside CIK Network?

Since Jan 2017, we no longer provide single home phone service. And it will be only limited to CIK network.

12. How do I know my phone number?

You can use your CIK home phone to call your cell phone and see what number is displayed, or you can login my CIK account to check the phone number.

13. Can I add 2nd phone number?

Yes. You can add 2nd phone number to your phone line at 5$ per month.

14. Can I get an oversea number?

Right now we can only provide local Canada phone number.

15. Which cities are included in the home phone calling areas?

Can call to most cities of Canada free of charge except the Northern Territory (or the phone start with areas code 1-867).

16. How do I keep my existing number?

Your current phone number must be active with your existing phone company, then you can provide us with Authorization and phone bill to transfer it to us. Usually it takes about 5 -10 business days. You can contact our customer service for any questions about porting.

17. How do I make international call?

North America long-distance call: 1+ phone/mobile number.

Other international call: 011+ country code + city code + landline phone number or 011+ country code + cell phone number.

18. How do I make domestic calls in Canada?

You can dial 10 digits’ number directly and call.

19. Can I use third party long distance service on my CIK home phone?

You can use CIK home phone to make long distance calls by the third party’s calling cards, however all of your 011 or 1+ long distance calls are going via CIK network. For 10-10-xxx causal calling, we do not support.

20. When I’m moving, do I need to notice CIK?

If you only have home phone service, you don’t need to notice us in advance before you move to a new address. However you must login from my CIK account to change 911 address to keep it up to date to avoid wrong address provided during emergency situation.

If you have other service such as internet service, please give us at least 15 days’ advance notice to arrange internet moving.

21. Does CIK home phone support Fax?

We do support Fax but with the following limitation:

· Sending and received fax is supported within CIK network for major cities in Canada but generally Fax over IP is not reliable as traditional landline and CIK has no liability to guarantee fax is always working via CIK residential VoIP phone.

· Sending fax to oversee might work or might not and it is not guaranteed;

company issue.

22. Does CIK home phone support alarm system?

Yes. CIK phone system supports Alarm system, however there might be some wiring needs to be changed by either the alarm company or third party provider. Once the wiring is changed, you can contact our technical support to make change on the phone box configuration.

23. Does CIK home phone support ATM machine?

Yes, CIK home phone does work with ATM machine. However our phone service is for residential customers, we do not recommend you to connect to an ATM machine for business purpose and we will not provide tech support for connecting ATM machine.

24. Does CIK home phone support Buzz Code?

Yes. There are two types of Buzz code systems in Canada. If your Apartment supports opening door using a cell phone, then you can provide your CIK phone number to your apartment supervisor to link it with Buzz code. If your apartment buzz system only works with landline phone, then CIK VOIP phone will not support buzz code.

25. How do I use 911?

CIK supports E911 and if you have emergency, you can dial 911 to get connected to the E911 centre. However you must make sure your home address registered with us is correct and you should not block your caller ID.

If your internet is not working, your CIK home phone would not work. So please make sure you always have a backup cell phone for 911 calls. Please read CIK terms about the limitation of E911.

26. Can I use a non-CIK phone box?

Sorry, currently we do not support non-CIK phone box

27. How do I install my CIK Home phone?

Installing the CIK home phone is very simple. On each phone box, there are Internet, WAN or DSL, LAN and telephone port. You only need to connect the modem to the internet or Wan port of the phone box first, then connect the LAN port of the phone box to computer or your router. The phone is connected to the Phone1 port of Phone box. Restart all devices, wait 10 minutes, then you can make calls normally. Please be aware that the first time you use it, you may have to wait 10 minutes because the phone box is going to get the configuration file from our server.

28. Can I use CIK home phone for all the wall jacks in my house?

First of all, you need to connect the phone line from wall jack to the phone1 port of the CIK phone box. so that all the phone wall jacks in the house can work normally. But the premise is that you need to make sure that the internal lines are connected together. In addition, you can always contact our technical support to inquire about the connection.

29. How many phone sets I can use?

The CIK phone box has only one phone port to connect phone set by default. You may need to purchase a phone splitter to connect more phone set if necessary.

30. How to use call forward?

The Call Forwarding feature redirects incoming calls to pre-set phone numbers. Currently, you can only transfer to 1+ phone numbers and countries such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, and India. Call forwarding is also controlled by your account's long distance settings, and if you set up a call to transfer to a long distance number, it will be charged at the long distance rate.

Manually for set up call forwarding feature from a CIK phone:

Transfer all: press 72*+1+phone number+#, (press 73* cancel)

Busy transfer: press 74*+1+phone number+#, (press 75* cancel)

No answer transfer: 76*+1+phone number+#, (press 77* cancel)

If you are not convenient to set up through the above operations, you can call technical support and complete the remote setup.

31. How do I use call waiting?

The Call Waiting feature allows you to answer another call during a call. When you answer the second call, the first call becomes ready to answer. When you are on a call, the notification tone will alert you to another call. If the feature of phone set allows, the new phone number will also be displayed on the phone. If you want to pick up the call, press the answer button or the metallic reed answer the second call.

32. How do I set up do not disturb feature?

When this feature is activated, all incoming calls will be rejected.

Activate: *84#

Deactivate: *85#

Warning: Using this feature will cause you being unable to receive any calls.

33. How do I block Anonymous?

This feature allows you to block incoming calls without a caller ID and prevent some malicious calls.

If you need to activate this feature, please apply through your CIK online account.


Using this feature will prevent you from receiving any calls that do not have a caller ID displayed.

34. How do I block one specific number?

Our device can block up to 10 phone numbers. If you want to block a specific phone number, please log in to the CIK online account for online consultation or call technical support.

35. How to use voice mail?

You need to contact customer service or active this service through online consultation. Once the voicemail feature is activated, you will receive an email notification. There are specific ways to use the query message and related settings in the email.

36. Can I block caller ID?

This feature allows you to block your number when making a call so that the recipient cannot see your number.

You can activate and use this feature at any time. Just press the phone button 67*+1+the other party's phone number.

37. Can I see incoming caller Name?

This feature allows the called party to view the caller's name easily before answering the call.

First of all, your phone set must support caller ID display feature.

Second, the ability to display the other party's name also depends on the caller's phone company and your phone's settings.

38. How do I block my long distance?

You can contact us online to activate or deactivate your long distance feature.

39. Why I cannot call one toll-free number?

calls free number are generally restricted by region. Before you report this problem, you can try using your cell phone to test if you can dial this number normally.

40. How to check CDRs online?

You can check it by “my CIK account” online, the details of phone call record for answering and dialing will be displayed under the Billing section.