1. What is CIK Home Multi-Media Entertainment and Health (MMEH) System?

From 2009, CIK launched a 5-year development plan to create a platform to offer multi-media services such as IP TV, Video Phone, Online Gaming and a Home Monitoring System. The first phase of the plan was completed in July 2011 – when the IP TV service was launched. In 2013, we have finished gaming development and some health products such as wireless weight scales etc. We are keeping developing more new products for this system.

2. What is TVanywhere supported by CIK MMEH?

CIK has developed an application called CIK TV. CIK TV can be installed on TV box, PAD, mobile and computers. Customers watching CIK TV can switch the program between mobile devices and TV screen. To download the CIK TV clients, please click here.

3. What are the technology advantages of CIK Wireless Weight Scale?

CIK Wireless Weight scale is a smart weight scale which can save your weight automatic every time when you weight yourself and it keeps track of your weight and provide your advice for the health. To get more information about CIK wireless weight scale, please click here.

4. How many Sport Game CIK MMEH support right now?

Current CIK MMEH supports 9 sport games. For more introduction for those games, please click here.