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    Fibre To The Building


Surfing the internet with the world's fastest internet technology

CIK Fibre-to-the-Building or FTTB is based on CIK's Super Fibre technology, which is not only the world's fastest internet technology, but also the most reliable internet service available.

CIK Telecom aims to provide the best internet service available to people in Canada by upgrading existing telecom infrastructure to a 100%, True Optical Fibre infrastructure in buildings across Canada. CIK will bring an optical Fibre cable from the MTR (Main Telephone Room) to a fibre receptacle inside each suite. Connecting to a Fibre network can make your building/unit more attractive and increases the value of the property to potential buyers, renters and tenants.

CIK FTTB gives you speeds up to 1Gbps, stream in 4K while watching your favourite TV-shows. Your speeds will stay consistently fast, even during peak hours, experience the lowest pings possible for your online gaming.

Fibre FTTB500M
500/500 Mbps
Download / Upload
Usage / M
3-4 User
Special Offer
First 24 months $ 34.99 ; After $ 44.99
More Details:
1. Download speed up to 500 Mbps
2. Upload speed up to 500 Mbps
3. Monthly Rental Free options are available
4. No Term
CIK Super Fibre
100% Super Fibre
Super fast download & upload speeds
24/7 support in 9 languages
No Contract
Connect all your devices
Future Proof

You can verify if your building has been upgraded with CIK FTTB using the postal code verification tool on top. If your building has not yet been upgraded with our pure Fibre, you can submit your building to us through the pop-up form for an upgrade in the near future.