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CIK Telecom Sponsoring Waxers U14 MD Team
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We are very honoured to sponsor the Markham Waxers U14 MD Team, who had won the York Simcoe Hockey Championship in 2021-2022. After completing their regular season with an impressive record of 22-1-1, the U14 MD Waxers continued to dominate with their style of masterful play throughout and remained undefeated through the Playoffs, unlike a certain NHL team we know. CIK Telecom loves hockey and believes that the Markham Waxers U14 MD Team will have many more successful years to come.

CIK Telecom supports youth sports with the Waxers U14MD Team to help shine a light on the importance of inclusion and the eradication of racism in hockey and sports in general. Together, we are also bringing awareness to diversity in our workspace and community. CIK Telecom is an all-inclusive and diverse employer, who promotes diversity and helps raise awareness to end racism in hockey/sports and our community in Markham. Seeing as we have such an ethnically diverse team at CIK Telecom and the Waxers U14MD, we feel as a community that this is an important issue, and we can all stand behind and support it with pride.