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CIK Telecom’s 10th year anniversary luncheon
On September 6th, 2013, CIK Telecom’s 10th year anniversary luncheon was held at the Star Walk Buffet in Toronto. Three levels of Canadian government were in attendance. On behalf of the Federal Government, Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis spoke and awarded an honorary certificate to CIK Telecom Chief Executive Officer Mr. Deng Xiaojing (Jordan Deng) for his outstanding contributions to Canada’s ethnic communities.
On behalf of Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, Minister of Economic Development, Trade & Employment, Mr. Michael Chan also made a warm speech and his warmest congratulations.
PROFIT Magazine ranked CIK Telecom Inc. as the 98th on the 25th annual PROFIT 500, the definitive ranking of Canada’s fastest growing companies.
The luncheon hosted the first Chinese female MPP, Soo Wong, newly-appointed Deputy Mayor of Toronto Norm Kelly, Markham Deputy Mayor Jack Heath, former Toronto Budget Chief Mike Del Grande, Aldermen Li Zhenguang and Raymond Cho, Vaughan city Councilor Sandra Racco, Markham City Councilor Alex Chiu and the first Chinese Minister in Ontario's history, Bob Wong. All the attendees extended their sincere congratulations.
Commercial Counsellor, Mr. Yu Jianwei of People's Republic of China Consulate, said at the meeting, “CIK Telecom has made constant progress in the last decade, the pursuit of excellence, one step at a time, are bringing benefits to Canadian Chinese community. CIK’s achievements are prefect examples of Chinese entrepreneurship in Canadian business”.
By July 2013, CIK Telecom has over 60,000 users, and revenues have increased by 3,000% the past 5 years. CIK also invited ten of the most representative CIK customers to participate in the event, and to thank those loyal customers, CIK awarded them with half price service for life.
CEO Jordan Deng, recalling the development path in his speech, has a passion to the telecom industry as well as “Serving the Chinese Community”, he and his partner Jack Jin started CIK from a calling card wholesale business in 2003, and within 10 years CIK has become the preferred telecom company in the Chinese community with more than 200 employees. Mr. Deng has led CIK through innovation, dedication, determination throughout the years. CIK’s network includes Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, covering most of Canada. For ten years, CIK has continually adopted technical advantages, eventually create a brand favored by many communities throughout Canada.
Adhering to the "Customer First" motto, CIK grew from only signing up 20 to 30 new customers in a month to over 100 new users per day. In 2011 CIK interconnected with Bell, Rogers and other large Canadian Telecom companies. Those interconnections greatly expanded CIK’s network coverage and market share.
In 2013 CIK first proposed the "wireless age" slogan, available to all users with WIFI-enabled devices, and offers unlimited Internet access. Step by step, CIK will upgrade all customers to wireless devices. At the same time, CIK put a lot of effort to improve and enhance infrastructure construction, improve the quality of customer service, create a professional customer service and technical support team, providing users with 7 multilingual languages customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
After high-speed networking products, CIK timely launched the "digital" home entertainment platform offering contents from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and dozens of Chinese and local TV channels. In 2013, CIK signed an agreement with a Chinese education TV station, to offer to its customer for free on its home entertainment platform. CIK spent over one million dollars, to acquired the TV copyright from China's biggest copyright holder – LE TV, to give its customers a more diversified program choices.
May 2013 CIK Telecom found a media subsidiary – CIK Media, for the concept of integrated media services, providing Chinese community with television, radio, newspapers, websites and other interactive media information. In the near future CIK Telecom will enter the United States, China and Vietnam markets, and the development of English, French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Vietnamese customer support centres in six languages. Meanwhile, CIK will continue to focus on multicultural markets, open new offices in major cities and develop new product lines.