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CIK 2016 Speed and hardware free upgrading plan
Dear Valued Customers:
First we would like to thank you for being a loyal customer and supporting us for so many years. As a commitment of CIK Telecom, we will keep investing in our network and improve our speed and services to all of our customers. We would like to let you know our latest progress in the past several months and what are coming in next several months.
In the past several months, we have done a lot of research and analysis on how to improve customer speed and experience. We have sent many field supports to customer sites to investigate slow speed and unstable issues. What we have found out as more customers are watching high quality Video online now instead of traditional TV, the internet usage has increased significant per customer. This has caused many old customer speed is not able to match their usage as well as some of our old equipment not able to handle such heavy usage. Also customers now have more demanding on Wi-Fi which requires stronger Wi-Fi signal, good coverage and more devices to be supported.
Based on our research, in order to provide customers with better experience, we are going to start our 2016 upgrading plan for all of internet customers in Ontario and Quebec as following:
Speed upgrade - All customers will be offered to upgrade to higher speed based on usage without one time upgrading fee and hardware will also be upgraded to latest to match the new speed free of charge.
Free Hardware upgrading – if customer’s slow speed/unstable is caused by the hardware capability and Weak Wi-Fi, this hardware will be upgraded free of charge.
If you would like to accept this upgrading offer, please reply this email to care.cs@ciktel.com or contact our 24/7 support by online chat or phone.