As new technology develops quickly, the Internet makes everyday life much easier. We are surrounded by wireless connections everywhere as more and more people own Wi-Fi enabled smart phones, laptops, tablets and other mobile devices. People are using wireless service at their homes & offices in restaurants, airports, trains and even in airplanes. Home appliances like TVs, printers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, sports equipment like game consoles and treadmills are now being equipped with wireless capabilities.
Years ago, CIK recognized the trend and started a project called Wi-Fi CIK.
The purpose was to develop a series of wireless products which could be applied to CIK's product line - including ADSL/FTTN modems, Cable modems, VoIP phones and IP TV boxes.
On June 21st, 2013 CIK successfully completed the development of these units. To view the list of the wireless equipment, click here.
CIK will spend 5 million dollars over the next 3-6 years to upgrade all of our customer's equipment's.
At the company's 10th Anniversary celebration, CEO Jordan Deng said, "We should focus on Wi-Fi training for all our employees so we can provide better support for our customers, and we want everybody including the office cleaning lady to know what the CIK Wi-Fi password is".
CIK has also started building CIK FREE Wi-Fi Internet POPs at selected restaurants in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.Click here, to see a list of the Wi-Fi locations. If you are a restaurant owner and you have over 100 customers per day in average, you could apply to join this project. Click here to apply.